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We are plumbing experts that you can count on. 180 Plumbing & Heating has completed thousands of plumbing projects in and around Calgary.


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We specialize in plumbing installation and repair services. Getting the job done right, and providing quality customer service throughout the process is of utmost importance to the 180 Plumbing & Heating team. We believe in earning your trust and respect through our quality craftsmanship and reliability, which unfortunately is not standard among all of our competitors! We have many years of experience in the industry, and we never cut corners when it comes to quality. All our staff are qualified professionals with extensive training and years of experience so you can rest assured that our plumbers will take care of all your home or business plumbing projects properly.

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180 Plumbing & Heating Plumbing Services in Calgary

Plumbing Rough-In

We can make your renovations come together quickly and painlessly. Many new homes come with unfinished basements leaving homeowners with the task of finishing their living spaces, a task that often gets put off for years. Let us help you get it completed efficiently and within your budget.

Toilet Repairs or Replacement

Repairing broken toilets, or replacing old fixtures with a new toilet installation is a service our team would be happy to take care of for you. We can troubleshoot problems and help you choose what new toilet is the best fit for your needs.

Hot Water Tanks and Tankless Hot Water Heaters

The 180 Plumbing & Heating team is experienced and well-equipt to handle any repairs or issues related to your hot water tank or tankless hot water heater. Contact us today if your hot water system requires servicing or repairs.

Fix Water Pressure Issues

Water pressure problems are an annoying home issue, our experienced team can help diagnose and repair your home water systems to get your house back to normal.

Faucet Repairs or Replacement

A leaky faucet can be annoying to deal with as well as a waste of water and money. Let our experienced experts take care of it for you with our leaky faucet repair service.

Sink Repairs or Replacement

Having a problem with the sink, or ready for a new design? We offer professional sink repairs, sink replacements, sink installation, and much more! For all your sink needs, turn to us.

Boiler Repairs and Installations

If you have a boiler for your home or business, our team can help you keep your appliance in top condition to save you time and money. A well-maintained boiler will operate at maximum efficiency and last longer.

Frozen Pipe Repairs

180 Plumbing & Heating specializes in repairing pipe leaks and line breakages. If you suspect your pipes have frozen, it’s important to take action quickly to mitigate damage in your home. We have the expertise to handle any repairs to your plumbing system and help prevent future frozen pipe issues.

Water Filtration System Installation and Maintenance

If you need assistance maintaining your water filtration system or if you are interested to learn more about the options and benefits of different filtration systems, contact 180 Plumbing & Heating. We can install and service a wide range of filtration systems and help you understand what will work best for your needs and our local Calgary water.

Sewage Pipe and Pump Repairs or Replacement

Having a broken sewage pipe or pump is an extremely inconvenient problem for your home or business. At the first sign of issues with your sewer plumbing, it’s important to get help to diagnose and fix the problems before you have backups or property damage.

Garburator and Dishwasher Installation

180 Plumbing & Heating offers installation of garburators, dishwashers, and other kitchen appliances that require connections to your home water and plumbing systems such as refrigerators with water filters and ice makers. For any kitchen installations or renovations, connect with our team for assistance with all your kitchen appliances.

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Full Scope of Plumbing Services

Whether you have a faucet dripping, a toilet running, or an unexpected water feature in your living room, 180 Plumbing & Heating can locate, assess and fix that water leak. Let’s keep your water inside your pipes, where it belongs! If your drains get clogged or obstructed we can help with that too.

Plumbing Drips, Leaks, and Clogs

Water leaks can be immensely destructive. Whether you have a faucet dripping, a toilet running, or an unexpected water feature in your living room, 180 Plumbing & Heating can locate, assess and fix that water leak. Let's keep your water inside your pipes where it belongs! If your drains get clogged or obstructed, we can help with that too.

Calgary Plumbing Fixture Upgrades

Feel free to go out and buy the fixture you like and we will come and install it, or we can help you choose and supply a great quality fixture that will last for years to come. Remember, not all products are created equal. The phrase, “you get what you pay for” is usually accurate, especially when dealing with plumbing fixtures.

Calgary Kitchen Plumbing

Do you have an old sink you have been yearning to upgrade or a major kitchen renovation in mind? From garburators to dishwashers, refrigerator water lines, and gas stove pipelines, 180 Plumbing & Heating can help you with all your kitchen plumbing needs.

Calgary Bathroom Plumbing

Your home bathrooms, ensuites, and powder rooms should be calm spaces for privacy and rejuvenation – free of headaches from leaky or dysfunctional fixtures. From small fixes to major projects, 180 Plumbing & Heating can help with your bathroom repairs and renovations. Plus, we can help you choose a water-efficient toilet or showerhead to help you cut down on your water bills at the same time.

Calgary Basement Plumbing Rough-In

Ready to finally get that basement plumbing roughed in? Or get a basement bathroom installed? Many clients have told us they love their new functional spaces and don’t know why they waited so long to do that basement reno. 180 Plumbing & Heating can quickly and affordably help you get your basement plumbing needs finished so you can finally have that additional bathroom, wash area, or wet bar.

A local, close-to-home solution you can trust

180 Plumbing & Heating services all of Calgary and the surrounding areas, but our home base is in SE Calgary. We have many happy customers who use 180 Plumbing & Heating for their plumbing in Copperfield, Mckenzie Towne, Mahogany, Cranston, and New Brighton. Your neighbours might even be on our 180 Plumbing & Heating Annual Care Plan! We look forward to working with you.

Whether you are a residential customer in need of plumbing repair or a small business owner in search of a reliable, licensed, commercial plumber, 180 Plumbing & Heating is your solution. We have been operating in Calgary and the surrounding area for years, fixing all kinds of plumbing problems. We understand that you have a lot of choices when it comes to picking a plumbing or heating contractor, and we are here to prove that making 180 Plumbing & Heating your choice is the right choice.

We work hard to earn our customer's trust through providing quality craftsmanship, timely and courteous service, and by educating you on your options. When selecting 180 Plumbing & Heating as your service provider your work will be done right the first time, and we will ensure that you are satisfied with the job.

We're here when you need us

We know how frustrating it can be when plumbing issues happen at the most inopportune times. If you're dealing with a leak, hot water problem, or other plumbing situation, don't wait and risk further complications. When you need plumbing services in Calgary, you can count on 180 Plumbing & Heating. Our team is licenced and certified, and we have years of experience handling plumbing issues so you can rest assured that we will solve your plumbing problems correctly the first time. We're ready to provide the plumbing services you need, wherever and whenever they're needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prevent pipes from freezing in Calgary?2022-10-20T06:56:39-06:00

Prevention is the most important strategy to avoid pipes from freezing. Properly winterizing your home is a good place to start. When it begins to get cold overnight in the fall months, make sure that water lines to outside faucets, pools, or water features are turned off and drained. Throughout the winter, ensure that your home does not get colder than 15°C, monitor your home for cold areas that might need more insulation or heating, and open sink cabinet doors that might isolate pipes from the heat. Ensure water is running regularly through your pipes, and if you are going away, arrange for someone to monitor your home for you and continue with preventative measures. It can also be a good idea to turn off your water and open a few faucets if you are going away for a week or more. There are few things you will need to consider before you do this. First, do you have a boiler that is doing any space heating? If you do, make sure it is a CLOSED system. An OPEN system could be tied into your municipal water and turning off the water could put your boiler system at risk. If you are unsure, don’t be afraid to ask. We can help advise you in the best course of action based on your equipment and situation.

What do you do when a pipe bursts?2022-10-20T06:56:21-06:00

First, switch off your main water supply. It’s a good idea to know where your shut-off valve is located in your home for emergencies. It’s typically in your basement near your water heater. If you think the leak might be reaching your fuse box or any electrical sockets, turn off your electricity as a precaution. Then drain your cold faucets, cold water taps, and flush toilets. Then turn off your hot water system and then drain your hot water taps. Once your immediate water situation is under control, call 180 Plumbing and Heating so we can assist you right away. Then you can begin removing valuables, cleaning up, and drying out affected areas of your home.

How can I avoid water damage in my home?2022-10-20T06:57:02-06:00

Aside from any aesthetic factors, you’re considering for your home, keep in mind that the price of a plumbing fixture usually does indicate the level of quality in the materials you can see on the exterior and the functioning components inside as well. Considering a higher-end faucet will typically be a better investment as it will last longer and need fewer repairs throughout its lifetime.

How do you choose a new plumbing faucet?2022-10-20T06:57:22-06:00

Aside from any aesthetic factors you’re considering for your home, keep in mind that the price of a plumbing fixture usually does indicate the level of quality in the materials you can see on the exterior and the functioning components inside as well. Considering a higher-end faucet will typically be a better investment as it will last longer and need fewer repairs through its lifetime.

Why Choose 180 Plumbing & Heating as my plumbing services provider?2022-10-20T06:57:40-06:00
  1. Fair Pricing
  2. We are competitively priced and we deliver the best possible job you could ask for. We are committed to helping our customers solve their plumbing problems with solutions that fit their budgets and make sense for their needs. Unlike other plumbing companies, we don’t recommend replacing appliances unless it is the best solution for the situation. Call us today and experience the 180 Plumbing & Heating difference!
  3. Guaranteed Satisfaction
  4. We have a history of providing clients with the highest quality work possible and the best customer support experience. No job is too large or small for us. Every project we take on is treated as a priority, and we treat every customer with respect.
  5. Expertise
  6. 180 Plumbing and Heating is proud of the quality work that we do. All of our technicians are experienced plumbers with complete certifications. By hiring a qualified and certified team, you can be sure that you will be making a good investment in your home repairs and renovations.
  7. Established in Calgary
  8. We are proud to have been serving Calgary and the surrounding areas for years. Our business is locally owned and operated, and we know the unique challenges that the Southern Alberta climate brings to plumbing services.

What Our Clients Say

Robin Ward
Robin Ward
Nothing but great things to say about 180 Plumbing. Knowledgeable, professional and superior workmanship. This company did not gouge in pricing and explained everything that would be done. Would highly recommend for all/any of your plumbing needs.
Derek Allchurch
Derek Allchurch
I hired Desmond to locate and repair a major water leak at our newly purchased townhouse in Palliser. Desmond was punctual, quickly located the problem and sent me an accurate quote for the repair cost. The repair was done perfectly and for the price quoted. He even found time to properly level the toilet and clean out the shower drain at no extra cost. Oustanding service!
Mohsen Ghanavati
Mohsen Ghanavati
Just by sending some pictures of faucet and leak location, Desmond quickly grabbed replacement parts from Delta and fixed my issue affordably
It is precious to have a good plumber. I waited for a while before any placing any recommendations. It has passed the test and wholeheartedly I recommend 180 plumbing. Keep up the good job Desmond. Thanks a lot.
Rose Bouffard
Rose Bouffard
Fastest, best service, no BS. Highly recommend them.
Kevin Parsons
Kevin Parsons
Working to develop my basement I contacted a number of different plumbers to have them rough in the plumbing for my basement washroom. They provided accurate information and have really taken the project on as a whole. I’m very impressed

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