Poly-B Pipe Replacement

We recommend being proactive when considering the replacement of your poly-b piping. By doing so, you will prevent costly pipe leaks. Ask us for how to plan and fix your poly-b pipes.


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If your house was built between 1975-1998 there is a possibility you have Poly-B water lines. Polybutylene piping, known as Poly-B, is a flexible plastic resin that was used for piping from the mid-70s to the mid-90s. Polybutylene piping was considered the future of piping because it was less expensive and easy to install compared to copper piping at the time. At first, Poly-B pipes seemed to perform well and were installed in millions of residential homes in Canada but with time they proved to be disastrous. The Poly-B pipes started to deteriorate very fast (within the first 10 -15 years of installment), and many homes with Poly-B plumbing experienced leaking and bursting pipes due to the brittle nature of the material.

Poly-B is no longer an acceptable material for water lines. Poly-B is known to degrade, crack, and split causing severe leaks. Most of the houses we’ve seen with Poly B in Calgary were built between 1985-1997. If you have Poly-B piping in your home, or if you are unsure if you do, we can help assess your piping and help you replace these lines in your home quickly and efficiently.

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Issues With Poly-B Piping in Your Home

  • No longer covered by many home insurance providers due to a history of frequent and severe leaks.
  • If you do find an insurance provider to cover your home, your insurance premiums may be higher.
  • Poly-B plastic pipes can react to oxidants and disinfectants in the water, like chlorine. This causes scaling and flaking that creates fractures in the pipes, eventually causing them to leak or burst.
  • Poly-B pipes often leak in high-temperature areas (such as hot water tanks or above furnaces).
  • Improperly installed fittings cause leaks in Poly-B pipes (installed too tightly causing cracks, or use of improper fittings).
  • You may have a difficult time selling your home with Poly-B pipes as it is usually noted and reported by home inspectors as a major issue.
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What To Do If You Have Polybutylene Plumbing In Your Home

Assess Your Pipes With a Professional Plumber

Submit an inquiry to 180 Plumbing & Heating so we can assess your pipes and evaluate their integrity. It can be costly to replace all of the Poly-B piping in your home, but the alternative of waiting and having a leak or pipe burst will result in a much larger hassle and cost to you. A pipe burst can cause costly damage to your property, but there are other risks to consider such as unseen leaks. Water can pool in walls and ceilings causing harmful mold to grow. For the health and safety of your family, if you see water stains or leaks, it’s time to have your pipes inspected.

While it is possible to sell a home with Poly-B piping, it is considered a significant risk and is usually noted as a high-priority issue on a home inspection which can bring your property value down. It’s a great investment for your home safety and improved home value to replace polybutylene plumbing in your home.

Replace Your Poly-B Piping With a Trusted Calgary Plumber

We Are Ready to Assess, Repair and (if necessary) Replace Your Piping

If you have Poly-B plumbing in your home, get in touch with 180 Plumbing & Heating today so you can resolve this plumbing issue without delay. Our team is experienced at assessing Poly-B piping and we offer honest and straightforward solutions. We will be happy to provide you with a quote that reflects all of the costs and explain the replacement process so you understand every step involved in this project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a lawsuit or reimbursement for Poly-B plumbing?2022-10-20T07:48:09-06:00

Unfortunately, reimbursements are no longer available through a lawsuit or insurance in Canada. There have been previous lawsuits and partial compensation for the faulty plumbing materials, but those programs have since closed. However, do check out our Government Incentive Programs Guide and our Current Plumbing Promotions.

Do I have Poly-b pipes in my home?2022-10-20T08:07:17-06:00

Poly-b plumbing is usually easily identifiable. Their distinct colour is one way to tell if your home has poly-b piping. Poly-b pipes are light plastic and are usually grey but can be in other colours, such as cream, black, or gray. These pipes may lurk underground, inside walls and ceilings, so you have to check some crawl spaces and places where pipes are exposed to find them. These places could be:

  • Underneath the kitchen sink
  • Near your water heater
  • The main water shut off
  • Near the toilet or bathroom sink
What does Poly-B Piping Look Like?2022-10-20T07:55:06-06:00

Polybutylene piping is a flexible pipe typically in a light gray colour. If you look along the pipe, often it will be stamped with “poly B potable,” “CSA-B 137.8.” or “PB2110.” Check exposed pipes in your home under the sink, connected to appliances, or in the ceiling of an unfinished basement. Keep in mind that not all plastic piping is Poly B, you might have PEX plastic piping which is typically white or translucent.

How much does Poly-B plumbing replacement cost?2022-10-20T08:07:46-06:00

The cost of replacing Poly-B plumbing can vary greatly depending on the amount of Poly-B piping throughout the home and if the removal of drywall, ceilings, or flooring is required to access the pipes. The average replacement cost of Poly-B plumbing can be anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000. While replacing all Poly-b pipes in your home may be costly, it is a good investment since replacing them will save you from future leaks, flooding and losses. In addition, replacing the pipes will increase the value of your home. To accurately understand the costs to remove polybutylene from your home, contact us to arrange a consultation.

Can I have my Poly-B pipes repaired?2022-10-20T08:07:58-06:00

Poly-B pipes were discontinued because they are prone to failure and cause leaks and bursts. If you have Poly-B pipes in your home, it is recommended that you replace them with copper pipes or PEX to avoid future damages and losses. Repairing Poly-B may postpone leaking and flooding issues, but will not prevent them, so complete replacement is the best solution.

What can I do if I cannot replace my Poly-B pipes immediately?2022-10-20T07:54:32-06:00

No, PEX is short for “cross-linked polyethylene,” which is a different type of plastic than Poly B (polybutylene). PEX is a higher-quality plastic pipe that can be used safely within your home. It can withstand heat, pressure, and chemicals better than Poly B piping.

Is Poly-B piping the same as PEX piping?2022-10-20T07:54:41-06:00

No, PEX is short for “cross-linked polyethylene,” which is a different type of plastic than Poly B (polybutylene). PEX is a higher quality plastic pipe that can be used safely within your home. It can withstand heat, pressure, and chemicals better than Poly B piping.

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Robin Ward
Nothing but great things to say about 180 Plumbing. Knowledgeable, professional and superior workmanship. This company did not gouge in pricing and explained everything that would be done. Would highly recommend for all/any of your plumbing needs.
Derek Allchurch
Derek Allchurch
I hired Desmond to locate and repair a major water leak at our newly purchased townhouse in Palliser. Desmond was punctual, quickly located the problem and sent me an accurate quote for the repair cost. The repair was done perfectly and for the price quoted. He even found time to properly level the toilet and clean out the shower drain at no extra cost. Oustanding service!
Mohsen Ghanavati
Mohsen Ghanavati
Just by sending some pictures of faucet and leak location, Desmond quickly grabbed replacement parts from Delta and fixed my issue affordably
It is precious to have a good plumber. I waited for a while before any placing any recommendations. It has passed the test and wholeheartedly I recommend 180 plumbing. Keep up the good job Desmond. Thanks a lot.
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Rose Bouffard
Fastest, best service, no BS. Highly recommend them.
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Kevin Parsons
Working to develop my basement I contacted a number of different plumbers to have them rough in the plumbing for my basement washroom. They provided accurate information and have really taken the project on as a whole. I’m very impressed

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