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Plumbing problems can occur anytime, and when they do, it can be frustrating and stressful. It is essential to have access to reliable and professional plumbing and heating services to fix the issues. This is especially true for residents and businesses in Sundance.


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The area has harsh weather conditions that can often result in unexpected problems with plumbing and heating systems.

This blog will discuss what to do in an emergency plumbing situation, whether in your home or business facility. We’ll also provide information on reliable residential and commercial plumbing services in Sundance.

Emergency Plumbing Services: What to Do When You Need Them

Recognizing Signs of a Plumbing Emergency

Knowing the signs of a plumbing emergency is important so you can act quickly and minimize the damage. Some common signs of a plumbing emergency include the following:

  • Severe water damage, such as a flooded basement or water gushing from pipes
  • No water or low water pressure
  • Unusual odours or sounds coming from pipes or appliances
  • Gas leaks
  • A sudden increase in your water bill

Preparing for an Emergency Plumbing Situation

To be prepared for an emergency plumbing situation, it’s essential to have a plan in place. Here are some steps you can take to prepare for any emergency plumbing situation:

  • Keep the phone number of a trusted plumber handy.
  • Know how to turn off your water supply and main gas valve in an emergency.
  • Regularly inspect pipes and appliances for any signs of damage.
  • You can install a backflow prevention device to prevent sewage backups.
  • You should also be aware of the location of your main water shut-off valve.

Taking Action: What to do in an Emerumbing Situation

When plumbing disasters strike, time is of the essence! To keep the damage to a minimum, it’s crucial to act fast. Here’s what to do:

  • If it’s a gas leak, evacuate the building immediately and call the gas company.
  • If there is severe water damage, turn off the electricity in the affected area.
  • Call a trusted and professional plumber.
  • Only try to fix the issue yourself if it’s a minor problem and you have the proper training and equipment.
Plumbing Services

Preventative Maintenance for Plumbing and Heating in Sundance

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is vital to keeping your plumbing and heating. Here are some reasons why routine maintenance is essential:

Extends the Life of Your Systems

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your plumbing and heating systems. This can further help you save money in the long run.

Prevents Costly Repairs

Regular maintenance is vital to keeping your plumbing and heating. Here are some reasons why routine maintenance is essential:

Improves System Efficiency

Regular maintenance can improve the efficiency of your plumbing and heating systems. This can then help you reduce your energy consumption and water bills.

Ensures Safe Operation

Regular maintenance ensures the safe operation of your plumbing and heating systems. It can help you and your family from potential hazards.

Types of Maintenance Services

Several maintenance services can keep your plumbing and heating systems in good working condition. These include:

  • Inspections: Regular inspections of your plumbing and heating systems can help you catch potential issues before they become emergencies.
  • Cleanings: Regular cleanings can keep your systems running smoothly and improve efficiency.
  • Repairs: Repairs can address any issues with your plumbing and heating systems.
  • Replacements: In some cases, replacing parts or components of your plumbing and heating systems may be necessary.

It is recommended to schedule maintenance services once a year or as needed. This will help ensure the efficient and safe operation of your plumbing and heating systems.

Reliable Residential Plumbing Services in Sundance

Residential plumbing services play a critical role in ensuring homes' comfort, safety, and functionality. From fixing a leaky faucet that can cause water waste and lead to higher bills to installing a new appliance that enhances the daily routine, plumbing services can help maintain the quality of life for residents of Sundance. Regular maintenance and upkeep of plumbing systems can also prevent bigger, more costly issues from arising. For instance, a clogged drain that goes untreated can cause damage to pipes and result in expensive repairs.

In addition, access to expert plumbing services can also ensure the health and hygiene of a household. Proper plumbing installations, such as those for toilets, showers, and sinks, prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria and promote cleanliness.

Dependable Plumbing Solutions for Sundance Businesses

Businesses in Sundance need plumbing solutions tailored to their specific needs. Reliable and expert plumbers can provide just that. Whether regular plumbing and heating systems maintenance or emergency repair, a professional and experienced plumber can help keep your business running smoothly.

Quick Response Time for Minimal Downtime

A quick response time is critical in the case of a plumbing emergency in a business. Reliable plumbers understand the importance of minimal downtime for businesses. They will work efficiently to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Time is money, and a quick response from a professional plumber can help save both. In addition, a good plumber will provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your business's plumbing systems are running smoothly and efficiently.

Swift Results from 180 Plumbing and Heating in Sundance

Residents want fast, reliable service from a trusted professional on plumbing issues in Sundance. This is where 180 Plumbing and Heating comes in. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to providing fast results that meet and exceed your expectations. With years of experience in the industry and a commitment to customer satisfaction, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time.

At 180 Plumbing and Heating, we understand the urgency of plumbing and heating emergencies. Our technicians are equipped with the latest tools and technologies, allowing us to diagnose and fix the problem promptly and efficiently. Whether a burst pipe or a malfunctioning furnace, we have the knowledge and expertise to get you back to comfort in no time.

Regular preventative maintenance is also essential to maintaining the longevity and efficiency of your plumbing and heating systems. Our maintenance services are designed to keep your systems running smoothly, preventing potential problems before they arise. With regular inspections and cleanings, we can help extend the life of your plans and improve their performance.

At 180 Plumbing and Heating, we believe in providing high-quality services at an affordable price. We offer fair and transparent pricing, so you never have to worry about hidden fees or surprises. Whether you're a homeowner or business owner, our goal is to ensure you receive the best possible service at an affordable cost.

What Our Clients Say

Robin Ward
Robin Ward
Nothing but great things to say about 180 Plumbing. Knowledgeable, professional and superior workmanship. This company did not gouge in pricing and explained everything that would be done. Would highly recommend for all/any of your plumbing needs.
Derek Allchurch
Derek Allchurch
I hired Desmond to locate and repair a major water leak at our newly purchased townhouse in Palliser. Desmond was punctual, quickly located the problem and sent me an accurate quote for the repair cost. The repair was done perfectly and for the price quoted. He even found time to properly level the toilet and clean out the shower drain at no extra cost. Oustanding service!
Mohsen Ghanavati
Mohsen Ghanavati
Just by sending some pictures of faucet and leak location, Desmond quickly grabbed replacement parts from Delta and fixed my issue affordably
It is precious to have a good plumber. I waited for a while before any placing any recommendations. It has passed the test and wholeheartedly I recommend 180 plumbing. Keep up the good job Desmond. Thanks a lot.
Rose Bouffard
Rose Bouffard
Fastest, best service, no BS. Highly recommend them.
Kevin Parsons
Kevin Parsons
Working to develop my basement I contacted a number of different plumbers to have them rough in the plumbing for my basement washroom. They provided accurate information and have really taken the project on as a whole. I’m very impressed

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