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Sustainability is more crucial than ever in the present time. If you want to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and be kinder to the environment, then it’s time to start thinking about energy efficiency. This applies to more than just the appliances in your home. You can do this with your plumbing system too.


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Let’s dig deep on the best plumbing service options available to you. This article will also discuss the best plumbing services in Legacy.

Is Upgrading Your Plumbing System Worth it?

Plumbing is one of the most essential parts of any building. It is a system that carries water and waste in your home. It is also a critical part of your property as it helps you with all things related to water.

Suppose you are looking for ways to improve the quality of your life. Upgrading your plumbing system may be a good idea for you.

You can upgrade your plumbing system in many ways, and a professional plumber can help you. A good plumber can help you make this decision by providing advice on the best improvements for your property. They can also guide you through the upgrade so that everything goes smoothly without any issues.

Improving the plumbing system can reduce waste and increase efficiency in the home. This will help you save money on monthly utility bills because less water will be wasted due to leaks or corrosion from old pipes.

The cost of upgrading depends on several factors, such as what needs to be changed or added to your existing plumbing system. Energy-efficient options may have a higher upfront cost. However, long-term savings and improved efficiency make them a wise investment.

Eco-Friendly Upgrades in Your Plumbing System

If you’re in the market to improve your property, you may be thinking about what eco-friendly upgrades can be made. Here are three eco-friendly upgrades that will make your property more sustainable:

Replace Your Old Showerhead With a New High-Efficiency Model

Shower heads are notorious energy hogs, but they don’t have to be! High-quality and efficient shower heads use at least 60% less water. They also help prevent clogging, thus prolonging the life of your pipes.

Install aerators on the faucets in your home

Faucet aerators reduce water flow by about 50%. It can help you save money on utility bills and reduce wear and tear on pipes.

Upgrade to Low-Flow Fixtures

Low-flow fixtures use less water than standard ones. Therefore, your utility bills will be lower, and your pipes won’t get clogged as easily. This also means fewer costly repairs. On top of that, low-flow toilets use less than half as much water as old models. They’re cheaper and better for the environment.

Install a Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater uses less energy compared to a traditional one. It heats up only as much water as needed for each use. The result is there’s no wasted energy heating unused water. It also means there’s no need for a large reservoir of heated water sitting around all day.

Insulate Your Pipes

Insulating pipes can help improve energy efficiency. It reduces the amount of heat lost through the walls and floor of your home. This means lower utility bills and increased comfort levels throughout the year.

Residential Plumbing Services in Legacy: Maintaining your Home

If you're looking for a way to make your life easier and more comfortable, upgrading your home is often the first place you'll look. Whether adding a new bathroom or upgrading your kitchen, many options are available.

Residential plumbing services can provide a variety of energy-efficient solutions. It will help you save money on heating and cooling costs. A good plumbing system can also make your home more comfortable and safe for you and your family.

Residential plumbing services can help you install eco-friendly upgrades. It will help you create a more efficient and comfortable home that will last for years.

Commercial Plumbing Services in Legacy: Making Your Business Sustainable

As a business owner, you constantly search for methods to decrease operating costs while offering exceptional service. Sustainability is not just good for the environment. It can also help you attract new customers and improve your working environment.

In today's competitive market, ensuring that your company is performing well and sustainable for years to come is essential. This means finding ways to make your office more efficient and cost-effective.

There are many eco-friendly solutions available, such as upgrading your plumbing system.

Waterless urinals and low-flow toilets that use lesser water are a few examples. Plumbing services also provide water conservation programs and leak detection systems. These features can be installed in your facility to save money on water bills over time.

These types of initiatives can also have a positive impact on employee productivity. A good plumbing system can help reduce distractions caused by noise or odours from restrooms nearby.

That's why good customer service goes hand-in-hand with excellent health practices. It will increase employee morale which will help keep them motivated throughout each day.

180 Plumbing & Heating: Your Quality, Energy-Efficient Plumbing Solutions

At 180 Plumbing & Heating, we're on a mission to provide energy-efficient plumbing solutions. We are your trusted provider of reliable, high-quality plumbing service and maintenance.

Our experts stay up-to-date on the latest energy-efficient technologies. You can be assured that your plumbing systems will be working at optimum conditions and that you'll be saving money too. We also offer maintenance and repair services when necessary. This way, you can always feel confident in your plumbing system's performance.

We believe in ensuring that our customers get the best value for their dollar. That's why you can expect that we will provide you with honest recommendations tailored to your needs. Our goal is to provide consistent service that exceeds expectations at every opportunity.

What Our Clients Say

Robin Ward
Robin Ward
Nothing but great things to say about 180 Plumbing. Knowledgeable, professional and superior workmanship. This company did not gouge in pricing and explained everything that would be done. Would highly recommend for all/any of your plumbing needs.
Derek Allchurch
Derek Allchurch
I hired Desmond to locate and repair a major water leak at our newly purchased townhouse in Palliser. Desmond was punctual, quickly located the problem and sent me an accurate quote for the repair cost. The repair was done perfectly and for the price quoted. He even found time to properly level the toilet and clean out the shower drain at no extra cost. Oustanding service!
Mohsen Ghanavati
Mohsen Ghanavati
Just by sending some pictures of faucet and leak location, Desmond quickly grabbed replacement parts from Delta and fixed my issue affordably
It is precious to have a good plumber. I waited for a while before any placing any recommendations. It has passed the test and wholeheartedly I recommend 180 plumbing. Keep up the good job Desmond. Thanks a lot.
Rose Bouffard
Rose Bouffard
Fastest, best service, no BS. Highly recommend them.
Kevin Parsons
Kevin Parsons
Working to develop my basement I contacted a number of different plumbers to have them rough in the plumbing for my basement washroom. They provided accurate information and have really taken the project on as a whole. I’m very impressed

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