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Many Calgary homeowners are unaware of how important it is to address slow or clogged drains at the first signs of draining issues. Getting your plumbing systems inspected by a professional drain and sewer cleaning business is a cost-effective way to prevent larger drainage issues. Drains can have blockages or leaks over time, which can cause water to overflow into your home leading to expensive fixes and damages. Get your pipes and drains inspected by the 180 Plumbing & Heating team and ensure that your drains will continue to function effectively. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Why Choose 180 Plumbing & Heating for your drain and sewer services?

Businesses and households in the greater Calgary area count on us for a comprehensive variety of drain and sewage services. We believe that every customer, no matter who they are or what they need, deserves a service that is prompt, of good quality, and offered at a reasonable cost.

Our team is able to assist with all of your drain and sewer issues, whether the issue at hand is blocked sewer lines in your house or greasy grease traps in your business. We will work quickly to repair the sewage and drainage issues that you are having and take the time to provide suggestions to help you avoid issues in the future. We’re committed to ensuring your home or business’ drain systems last a long time and with minimal problems.

Each technician at 180 Plumbing & Heating brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to your drain or sewer project. We pay careful attention to health and safety concerns wherever we work and we make sure that our staff is thoroughly trained for every facet of their jobs. We make consistent investments in cutting-edge technology that not only improves the overall quality of our work but also lessens our negative effects on the environment.


Why do drains and sewer pipes require servicing?

Drains and sewer pipes can get clogged over time with regular use if preventative maintenance is not performed. The clogging of drains and sewers can be caused by several different things, including large amounts of solid waste, a foreign non-biodegradable object, or oils and grease in the pipes. It’s also common for tree roots to grow into pipes and create large obstructions.

The tree roots seek the water and nutrients carried by the pipes. Roots will be drawn to small cracks and joints in the pipe and find their way into these openings. As the roots grow, they can exacerbate the cracks and rapidly create a root network in your pipe. Sometimes roots will completely block the pipe which causes backflow into your home.

High-pressure jets, vacuum suction, drain snakes and drain augers can be used to remove obstructions from your pipes, and clear mineral deposits, rust, soap scum residue, grease, hair, and food in drains.

High-Quality Equipment

To ensure that the drain cleaning services we provide are top quality, we invest in cutting-edge technology regularly. We have all the necessary equipment, including high-pressure jetting, sewer augers, and service vans, to resolve any issues relating to drain and sewer cleaning. Drain snaking is the method of choice for cleaning drains in compact spaces, such as showers, sinks, and other similar fixtures. We also have video inspection equipment to assist us in determining the precise state of your sewer system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some drains get repeatedly clogged?2022-10-20T08:13:17-06:00

Biofilm or fungal development in pipework can be a long-term source of clogging. Another frequent issue is the settling of particle matter and the accumulation of things such as food and hair. If the drains and sewer lines are not properly cleaned or are only partially cleaned, the accumulation of particulates will continue and cause another clog. Therefore, to ensure that they function correctly, cleaning them at the appropriate intervals and clearing out any obstructions is essential.

How can I prevent sewer and drain clogs in my home?2022-10-20T08:13:48-06:00

The most important step is prevention. Avoid putting anything into your drains that don’t need to be washed or flushed down a drain. Utilize your garbage disposal and compost disposal options for waste that does not need to be disposed of with the wastewater system. There are a handful of items that commonly cause clogs that often get overlooked, or are assumed to be safe for drains. For example, pouring oil and grease down a kitchen sink, or disposing of flushable wipes in a toilet. Oil and water do not mix, and will build up over time in your drains creating an environment highly prone to clog. Flushable wipes are often advertised as safe for plumbing, but this is inaccurate, they frequently lead to clogs with regular use. Taking these preventative measures to keep things out of the wastewater system that do not need to be there will prolong the life of your drains and sewer system.

What Our Clients Say

Robin Ward
Robin Ward
Nothing but great things to say about 180 Plumbing. Knowledgeable, professional and superior workmanship. This company did not gouge in pricing and explained everything that would be done. Would highly recommend for all/any of your plumbing needs.
Derek Allchurch
Derek Allchurch
I hired Desmond to locate and repair a major water leak at our newly purchased townhouse in Palliser. Desmond was punctual, quickly located the problem and sent me an accurate quote for the repair cost. The repair was done perfectly and for the price quoted. He even found time to properly level the toilet and clean out the shower drain at no extra cost. Oustanding service!
Mohsen Ghanavati
Mohsen Ghanavati
Just by sending some pictures of faucet and leak location, Desmond quickly grabbed replacement parts from Delta and fixed my issue affordably
It is precious to have a good plumber. I waited for a while before any placing any recommendations. It has passed the test and wholeheartedly I recommend 180 plumbing. Keep up the good job Desmond. Thanks a lot.
Rose Bouffard
Rose Bouffard
Fastest, best service, no BS. Highly recommend them.
Kevin Parsons
Kevin Parsons
Working to develop my basement I contacted a number of different plumbers to have them rough in the plumbing for my basement washroom. They provided accurate information and have really taken the project on as a whole. I’m very impressed

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