Heat-only boilers:

A heat-only boiler provides heat to your home or business via a closed-loop piping system that connects to heat-emitting devices such as radiators, baseboard radiators, in-floor heating, or air handlers. These systems are common in Canada in both commercial and residential spaces. These heating systems can come in many configurations, but they are separate from the domestic water piping for plumbing needs.

Combination boilers or combi-boilers:

The hot water produced by combination boilers is used for both heating spaces and supplying the hot water needed in a commercial or residential space. For example, a combi-boiler can be used to supply hot water for space heating radiators, and radiant floor heating, and supply hot water for taps, washing machines, dishwashers, showers, and more. These boilers are a great solution for small residential homes because they take up less space in utility rooms with one appliance providing both heat and hot water for plumbing.