The most important step is prevention. Avoid putting anything into your drains that don’t need to be washed or flushed down a drain. Utilize your garbage disposal and compost disposal options for waste that does not need to be disposed of with the wastewater system. There are a handful of items that commonly cause clogs that often get overlooked, or are assumed to be safe for drains. For example, pouring oil and grease down a kitchen sink, or disposing of flushable wipes in a toilet. Oil and water do not mix, and will build up over time in your drains creating an environment highly prone to clog. Flushable wipes are often advertised as safe for plumbing, but this is inaccurate, they frequently lead to clogs with regular use. Taking these preventative measures to keep things out of the wastewater system that do not need to be there will prolong the life of your drains and sewer system.