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Affordable Plumbing & Heating Home Maintenance Program

We Make Maintenance a Predictable, Enjoyable Experience

This is a new solution for ultimate home comfort and maintenance offered exclusively by 180 Plumbing & Heating. Having a plumbing or heating emergency in your home is stressful and usually extremely inconvenient for your family. To help our clients alleviate that stress from their lives, we have created an affordable home maintenance program that you can enroll in to ensure that your home water and heating systems are maintained in top condition.

It is highly recommended to budget for regular maintenance so you can avoid big unforeseen expenses caused by breakdowns or leaks, and our program makes it easy to put this good habit into practice. The peace of mind that the 180 Maintenance Program offers is a big stress-reliever for our clients.

Contact us today to learn more about having your home covered by the 180 Maintenance Program.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Maintenance Program

Do I get any discounts?2022-03-21T21:39:57+00:00

es. Anyone that is registered with our maintenance program will get the added benefit of a 20% discount on furnace parts provided we have serviced their furnace within 12 months.

Why should I monitor my furnace parts VS waiting until my furnace parts fail?2022-03-21T21:39:31+00:00

Yes, you absolutely can let your furnace parts fail. Maintaining and monitoring your furnace is only necessary if you want to stay ahead of inconvenient breakdowns.

However, replacing a part ahead of time is easier and cheaper than replacing it in an emergency situation. We will only make recommendations. It is up to you to decide if you want any components replaced.

How do I sign up?2022-03-21T21:37:50+00:00

Simply give us a call (403.404.9975), or fill out our contact form and say you want to sign-up.

We will schedule a time for one of our techs to stop by and give you your first furnace Tune-up. This is similar to our regular tune-up except we will record all the information about your furnace and attach it to your file. We also do a check and record of all your major components in your furnace. This is a vital step that allows us to track the health for your furnace and its components.

How does the maintenance program work?2022-03-21T21:36:37+00:00

We will keep track of your furnace maintenance so you don’t have to. When your annual service date is approaching, we will contact you and arrange a time to complete the work.