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Hot Water Heaters: Tanks, Tankless, Energy Efficient

The Importance of Hot Water Systems

Hot water is something we often take for granted until we don’t have it. Whether you need a repair or are ready for a replacement, 180 Plumbing & Heating can take care of all your hot water needs. This includes conventional and power vented hot water tanks, and even tankless water heaters.

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180 Plumbing & Heating Specializes in Hot Water System Installation and Repair Services

  • Hot Water Heater Repairs or Replacement
  • Hot Water Tank Repairs or Replacement
  • Tankless Hot Water System Installation

When does your Hot Water Tank Need Servicing or Replacing?

Here are several indicators to watch out for:

  • Your tank is not generating enough hot water, or any at all
  • Tank or pipes are leaking
  • Calcium or debris are found in the water
  • Tank pipe fittings are corroding

How to Choose a Hot Water System

There are a few key factors that go into deciding which hot water tank or tankless system is the right solution for your home. Here are some questions to ask:

  • How many people live in your home?
  • How many appliances and fixtures use hot water in your home?
  • How often does your family use hot water throughout an average day/week/month?
  • How energy efficient is your home? There are many considerations and features on new hot water models that will boost your utility bill savings.

  • What is your budget for purchasing and installing a new system?

  • Are there any additional or special features you may require?

The 180 Plumbing & Heating team can help you choose a hot water system that will meet your needs, handle the installation of your new water heater, and provide ongoing maintenance for your new system to ensure that it works optimally for your family for years to come. Ask us for a quote.

Efficient Repairs & Replacements

Hot Water Repairs and Replacements

A functioning hot water tank is essential for any home and when a problem occurs it can throw a wrench into your family’s routine. If you have issues with your hot water tank you need it fixed quickly and fixed right. The licensed and experienced Calgary plumbers and gas fitters at 180 Plumbing & Heating are here to help. We offer professional hot water tank repair and installation services for almost all makes and styles of hot water systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Plumbing

How do you prevent pipes from freezing in Calgary?2022-03-07T23:42:02+00:00

Prevention is the most important strategy to avoid pipes from freezing. Properly winterizing your home is a good place to start. When it begins to get cold overnight in the fall months, make sure that water lines to outside faucets, pools, or water features are turned off and drained. Throughout the winter, ensure that your home does not get colder than 15°C, monitor your home for cold areas that might need more insulation or heating, and open sink cabinet doors that might isolate pipes from the heat. Ensure water is running regularly through your pipes, and if you are going away, arrange for someone to monitor your home for you and continue with preventative measures. It can also be a good idea to turn off your water and open a few faucets if you are going away for a week or more. There are few things you will need to consider before you do this. First, do you have a boiler that is doing any space heating? If you do, make sure it is a CLOSED system. An OPEN system could be tied into your municipal water and turning off the water could put your boiler system at risk. If you are unsure, don’t be afraid to ask. We can help advise you in the best course of action based on your equipment and situation.

What do you do when a pipe bursts?2022-03-07T23:41:43+00:00

First, switch off your main water supply. It’s a good idea to know where your shut-off valve is located in your home for emergencies. It’s typically in your basement near your water heater. If you think the leak might be reaching your fuse box or any electrical sockets, turn off your electricity as a precaution. Then drain your cold faucets, cold water taps, and flush toilets. Then turn off your hot water system and then drain your hot water taps. Once your immediate water situation is under control, call 180 Plumbing and Heating so we can assist you right away. Then you can begin removing valuables, cleaning up, and drying out affected areas of your home.

How can I avoid water damage in my home?2022-03-07T23:41:33+00:00

The best strategy to prevent a leak and water damage from happening is with regular monitoring and maintenance of your home’s plumbing fixtures and appliances. If you do notice a small leak or an appliance begins to malfunction, have it fixed right away before it gets more severe. 180 Plumbing & Heating offers a maintenance program to help monitor and upkeep your home plumbing and heating systems to ensure your home stays warm and dry.

How do you choose a new plumbing faucet?2022-03-07T23:40:52+00:00

Aside from any aesthetic factors you’re considering for your home, keep in mind that the price of a plumbing fixture usually does indicate the level of quality in the materials you can see on the exterior and the functioning components inside as well. Considering a higher-end faucet will typically be a better investment as it will last longer and need fewer repairs through its lifetime.