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New Furnaces & Furnace Repair

Work With a Local Heating Expert

180 Plumbing & Heating is your local heating expert. We can install and repair furnaces; install, repair, and maintain boilers; take care of annual maintenance; and of course, consult with you to find the right solutions for your home.

Contact us when to prepare for the seasons ahead, or if you need help with a heating emergency.

Save Money with Furnace Repairs

Identify Cost Saving Opportunities When You Repair (instead of Replace)

When you hire 180 Plumbing & Heating, we help you find cost-saving opportunities. Some companies would rather replace your furnace than repair it because they can make more money from replacement services. This also continues the cycle of planned obsolescence, where you are required to continually buy expensive new appliances rather than restoring existing ones.

At 180 Plumbing & Heating we prefer the repair option for three solid reasons:

  • Environmental Impact – Yes, high-efficiency furnaces will use less fuel to produce the same heat as a mid-efficient furnace, however, we don’t believe this should be the only consideration. When comparing fossil fuels, natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fuels. If you have a mid-efficient furnace and are considering investing in a new high-efficiency model, you might consider putting that money towards increasing the R-Value of your home instead. This will have a lasting impact on your home and has the potential of saving you more money in the long term. Also, if your furnace is working and you replace it, consider what happens to your furnace. Some of it will be recycled, but most of it just goes to the landfill.

  • Mid-Efficient Furnace Efficiency – There are some benefits to mid-efficient furnaces. Consider these benefits before you choose whether or not to do a full replacement:

    • Mid-efficiency furnaces have fewer parts that are prone to failure, saving you money over the lifespan of the furnace.
    • Fewer computer components keeps the operation simpler and also reduces expensive repairs if the computers fail.
    • Replacement parts are typically less costly compared to newer models.
  • New Furnaces Will Inevitably Break Down – Your new furnace will also eventually break down. New furnaces typically have a 5-year parts warranty and after those 5 years, any part that fails is an expense that you will be responsible for.

Furnace Repair That Lasts

We Are Committed to Finding Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Furnace

We do everything we can to ensure that all our furnace repairs are a worthwhile investment. By using high-quality replacement parts, cutting-edge equipment, and taking an informed approach to our work, you are guaranteed a long-lasting resolution to the issues you are having. We did not enter this industry to make a quick buck, but rather to create satisfied customers and build a strong reputation for our services.

If your furnace is beyond repair and does need to be replaced, we will let you know and will absolutely help you replace it. High-efficiency gas-fired appliances are the future, but we prefer replacement as the last resort instead of the first.

When it’s Time for a New Furnace in Your Home

How to Know When to Replace Your Old Furnace With a New Furnace

180 Plumbing & Heating can help you choose a model that will fit your budget and your family’s heating needs. Before you proceed, consider the following significant factors before proceeding with a furnace replacement:

  • Efficiency Rating – Firstly, consider the efficiency rating of the furnace. Choosing a furnace with a high AFUE rating will help keep your utility bills lower as long as the furnace is well maintained. AFUE is a measure of how efficiently the furnace utilizes the fuel and stands for “annual fuel utilization efficiency.” High-efficiency furnaces cost more to purchase and are more costly to maintain, so the benefits will need to be weighted against your purchase and maintenance budgets.

  • Square Footage Requirements – Secondly, know the square footage of your home so you can choose a furnace that will be large enough for the size of your home.

  • Noise Levels – Thirdly, you can consider a furnace model that will be relatively quiet with a variable-speed fan.

Local Furnace Technicians Who Take Pride in Their Work

Hire a Furnace Expert That Truly Cares About You and Your Home’s Wellbeing

We put our full care and attention into every job that we take. Our team is only satisfied with work that lives up to the highest standards. Our commitment to quality service has helped us stand out as one of the top plumbing and heating repair companies in Calgary, so you can feel confident when you call on us.

We would like nothing more than to help your home stay comfy and cozy this winter. Whether you have reasons to be concerned or want to make sure your furnace is in top shape, don’t hesitate to contact us for first-rate servicing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Furnace Installation & Furnace Repair

Does a furnace repair save you money?2022-03-17T20:24:37+00:00

Just because your property can maintain a comfortable temperature does not necessarily mean that your furnace is functioning optimally. If you have noticed that your energy bill is higher than usual, even in the winter, the problem could very well stem from an inefficient heating system. Our furnace technicians are experts at making sure heating units are functioning properly and not working too hard to save you money. Contact us today for an assessment.

What is a good AFUE rating?2022-03-17T20:24:03+00:00

The more efficient the furnace is, the higher the AFUE rating will be. New furnaces have a minimum rating of 78 percent, average efficiency furnaces have a rating between 80 and 85 percent, and high-efficiency furnaces have ratings between 90 and 98 percent. Our team can help you choose a model that strikes a balance between your budget and home energy needs.

Do you repair and maintain boilers?2022-03-17T20:23:46+00:00

Yes, it is important to have regular maintenance done to your boiler, and 180 Plumbing & Heating can help you with this. Ensuring the burners and heat exchanger are in good working order is essential for safe and efficient operation. Over time, products of combustion can build up, obstructing burner ports, the exchanger, and venting. Something else to keep in mind is the quality of the water/glycol in your heating system. If left unchecked, the water may become acidic or turn into sludge which can lead to catastrophic circumstances for your entire heating system.

Do plumbers repair furnaces?2022-03-17T20:23:26+00:00

Yes, plumbers fix furnaces. In Alberta, plumbers receive two tickets. The first is a Plumbing ticket, and the second is a Type B Gasfitter ticket, which allows a qualified Plumber to work on any gas-fired appliance under 399,000 BTU/hr, which includes all household furnaces. If your furnace quits in the middle of winter or you want to be prepared with a pre-season service, 180 Plumbing & Heating can handle all your furnace maintenance needs.